What is Reformation Pilates and Why Should You Try It?

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Are you looking for a new way to challenge yourself in the gym? If so, why not give Reformation Pilates a try? Reformation Pilates is a form of exercise that combines elements of yoga and pilates to create an intense full-body workout. Here’s what you need to know about Reformation Pilates and why it could be the perfect workout for you. 

What is Reformation Pilates?
Reformation Pilates is an exercise system that combines traditional pilates moves with elements of yoga, strength training, and cardio. It was created by fitness professional Margot McKinnon, who wanted to provide her clients with an effective full-body workout that could help them reach their fitness goals quickly. The focus of Reformation Pilates is on creating long, lean muscles through stretching and strengthening movements.

Benefits of Reformation Pilates
The main benefit of Reformation Pilates is that it provides a challenging full-body workout in a short period of time. With its combination of strength training, stretching, and cardio exercises, it can help you get stronger and improve your flexibility while burning calories at the same time. Additionally, because these exercises are low-impact they can be done by people of all ages and fitness levels without any risk of injury.

How to Get Started
If you’re interested in trying Reformation Pilates there are several ways to get started. There are online classes available as well as local studios offering classes taught by certified instructors. If you’d prefer to do it on your own there are plenty of videos online that can teach you the basics and guide you through some basic workouts. Whichever option you choose make sure to start slowly and listen to your body – if something feels uncomfortable or painful don't push yourself too hard!

Reformation Pilates offers an intense yet safe full-body workout that can help anyone reach their fitness goals quickly. Whether you're looking for a new way to challenge yourself at the gym or just want an effective way to get fit from home, giving this unique form of exercise a try may be just what you need! So don't wait any longer - grab some comfortable clothes and give Reformation Pilates a try today!

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