How to Create an Inviting Space for Your Students

How to Create an Inviting Space for Your Students

Creating a comfortable, inviting yoga studio is essential to the success of any yoga teacher. Not only does the space need to be clean and organized, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Here are some tips on how to create an inviting yoga studio that will keep your students coming back week after week and leaving rejuvenated!

Lighting Matters -
One of the most important elements in creating an inviting yoga studio is lighting. Natural light is best, as it creates a bright, sunny atmosphere that can lift people’s moods and make them feel relaxed. If you don’t have access to natural light, choose warm-toned lights that create a soft glow throughout the room.  Candles can bring an abundance of ambiance as well as different scents to your space.  Avoid harsh fluorescent lights or anything too bright, which can be distracting and make it difficult for students to focus on their practice.

Organization is Key - 
Your yoga studio should be well organized so that students can easily find what they need without having to search through clutter or disorganization. Have enough props available so that each student can have their own prop if needed, such as blocks or straps. You should also have mats readily available for students who might forget theirs at home. Make sure there are plenty of shelves and storage spaces where you can store these items in an orderly fashion so they are easy to access when needed.

Create Ambiance -
Ambiance plays a big role in creating an inviting yoga studio space. Incorporate calming music into your classes, play some soft instrumental music during savasana (corpse pose), or use aromatherapy oils like lavender or just plain unscented oil during practice to add another layer of relaxation into your classes. Some teachers even choose to incorporate singing bowls into their classes which helps create a soothing atmosphere giving students time and space for deep reflection and relaxation.

Creating a welcoming environment in your yoga studio is essential if you want your students to keep coming back class after class, week after week, day after day. By focusing on the details such as lighting, organization, and ambiance you can create the perfect atmosphere for your yoga students allowing them time and space for self-care and relaxation during their practice with you! With these tips in mind, you can craft the perfect space for yourself as well as for your yogis!

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