A Morning Yoga Routine to Start Your Day Right

morning yoga

Ready to start your day off with a yoga routine that sets the tone for the rest of your day? Incorporating yoga into your morning routine has been proven to improve focus, energy, and mood. A morning yoga practice can help you mentally prepare for the day ahead, so you can take on whatever comes your way with grace and ease. Let’s dive into a morning yoga routine that will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the day!

Set an Intention
Before starting any yoga practice, it’s important to set an intention. Take a few moments to sit in stillness and reflect on what you would like to cultivate today. This could be anything from creating more mental clarity or focusing on breathing deeper throughout the day. Whatever it is, take this intention with you as you go through each pose in this flow.

Movement Sequence
Start by inhaling deeply while raising both arms above your head and reaching towards the sky. Exhale as you fold forward from the hips and relax your hands onto the floor (or around your legs if it feels more comfortable). On each inhale, lift your torso slightly higher until eventually coming up all the way until both arms are extended overhead again. Then exhale as you fold forward once more. Continue this sequence for about five rounds of breath before transitioning into downward facing dog. From here, stretch out through each limb and hold for about five breaths before slowly walking your feet up towards your hands. Inhale as you reach both arms back up towards the sky before exhaling as you fold forward again for another three rounds of breath.

Next move into warrior 1 pose where one foot is firmly rooted down while the other leg extends out behind you at a 90 degree angle or less depending on flexibility (you should feel a nice stretch in that extended leg). Hold here for three deep breaths before repeating warrior 1 on the other side of your body for another three deep breaths. Transition into chair pose by bending at the knees while simultaneously raising both arms above your head (if balance allows) and pressing firmly through both feet evenly. Hold this pose for five breaths before slowly rising back up to standing position once more. Finally come into mountain pose where one stands tall with feet together and hands relaxed at heart center; close out this sequence by taking three full breaths here before slowly opening eyes if they were closed during practice.

Finish off this morning yoga routine by taking a few moments in savasana—lying flat on back with eyes closed—to fully absorb every moment of peace created throughout this practice today!

No matter how busy life gets, beginning each day with a simple yoga routine is always worth carving out time for! Not only does it provide an opportunity to check-in with yourself each morning but it also sets an intention that will carry throughout every second of every hour of each day ahead! Plus, being mindful about movement helps keep joints healthy over time so why not give it a try? Namaste!

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