Everything You Need for a Hot Yoga Class

sticky yoga towel

If you’re looking to take your yoga practice up a notch, hot yoga might be the way to go. Hot yoga is an intense class that can help you achieve great results in terms of flexibility and strength. But even if you are an experienced yogi, there are a few things you will need before diving into the hot room. Let’s take a look at the essential accessories for your next hot yoga class.

Towels and Mats
One of the most important accessories for any type of yoga class is a good mat and towels. For your hot yoga class, it’s important to invest in a quality towel that won’t slip or slide on your mat when it gets wet with sweat. Make sure to get one that is made from absorbent material and also has grip so you don’t end up sliding all over the place during class! Additionally, make sure to have two mats – one for your hands and feet, and another for when it gets too sweaty on the first one.

Yoga Clothes
When it comes to clothing, make sure to wear something lightweight that won’t restrict your movement but still covers enough skin so that it doesn't stick to you as soon as you start sweating. Look for breathable materials like bamboo or cotton blends since these will help keep you cool during your practice. Also make sure to wear clothes that fit well so they don't ride up or bunch when you move from one pose to another.

Water Bottle and Hair Ties
Staying hydrated is key throughout any type of workout, but especially in a hot yoga class where you will be sweating buckets during every single pose! Invest in a good quality water bottle that won’t leak or spill and make sure to fill it up before going into the room so you can stay hydrated throughout class. And if you have long hair, bring some hair ties with you too! Nothing worse than having strands of hair sticking in your face while trying to do warrior three!

Hot yoga classes provide an intense workout with amazing benefits both physically and mentally — but they also require the right accessories in order for them not only be enjoyable but also safe. So whether it’s investing in an extra-absorbent towel or finding clothes that fit just right — make sure to have these essentials ready before heading into the hot room! That way, all there will be left for you do is focus on getting through those poses!


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