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Article: 5 Creative Ways to Store Your Yoga Mat: The Best Yoga Mat Holders

5 Creative Ways to Store Your Yoga Mat: The Best Yoga Mat Holders

5 Creative Ways to Store Your Yoga Mat: The Best Yoga Mat Holders

Yoga enthusiasts know the importance of keeping their space clutter-free and their yoga mats in good condition. Storing your yoga mat properly not only extends its life but also contributes to a serene and organized practice area. In this article, we explore five creative ways to store your yoga mat that blend functionality with style. From space-saving solutions to aesthetically pleasing displays, these best yoga mat holders will ensure your mat is always ready for your next session.

Key Takeaways

  • Wall-mounted yoga mat racks save floor space and can add a decorative touch to your practice area.
  • Over-the-door yoga mat holders are perfect for those who prefer a non-permanent storage solution that's easy to install.
  • Freestanding yoga mat organizers offer versatility and mobility, allowing you to move your storage space as needed.
  • Yoga mat storage baskets provide a quick and stylish way to tuck your mat away while keeping it within easy reach.
  • Yoga mat hanging straps are a simple, portable option for yogis on the go, allowing for easy transport and storage.

1. Wall-Mounted Yoga Mat Rack

A wall-mounted yoga mat rack is a sleek and efficient solution for storing your yoga mats. It not only saves valuable floor space but also keeps your mats rolled up and out of the way, ensuring they remain clean and ready for your next session. The Bikoney Yoga Mat Holder Wall Mount is an ideal choice for home gym decor, adding color and style to your gym.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Keeps mats off the floor, preventing tripping hazards
  • Can accommodate multiple mats, depending on the rack size
Wall-mounted racks are particularly beneficial for those with limited space, as they utilize vertical space effectively.

When selecting a wall-mounted rack, consider the following:

  1. The material of the rack (e.g., wood, metal)
  2. The weight capacity
  3. The number of mats it can hold
  4. The ease of installation

A well-chosen yoga mat rack can keep your fitness equipment organized and within reach, making it a practical addition to any home gym.

2. Over-the-Door Yoga Mat Holder

Maximize your space with an over-the-door yoga mat holder, a perfect solution for those with limited storage options. This type of holder utilizes the often-overlooked space behind a door, making it ideal for small apartments or crowded fitness rooms.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Saves floor space
  • Keeps your yoga mat out of sight but easily accessible


  1. Hook the holder over the top of your door
  2. Adjust to fit the door width if necessary
  3. Hang your yoga mat
An over-the-door yoga mat holder is not only a space-saver but also a convenient way to keep your yoga practice just a reach away.


  • Check the door's ability to close with the holder in place
  • Ensure the holder's hooks are padded to prevent door damage
  • Verify the weight capacity to accommodate your yoga mat

Popular Models

Brand Model Price Range Weight Capacity
YogaAccessories Deluxe Holder $20 - $30 Up to 20 lbs
FitSpirit Home Organizer $15 - $25 Up to 15 lbs
Clever Yoga Easy Storage $10 - $20 Up to 10 lbs

Remember to measure your door and the yoga mat to ensure a proper fit before purchasing an over-the-door yoga mat holder.

3. Freestanding Yoga Mat Organizer

For those who prefer a mobile and versatile storage solution, a freestanding yoga mat organizer is an excellent choice. Unlike wall-mounted racks or over-the-door options, freestanding organizers can be easily moved to different locations in your home, making them ideal for small spaces or multipurpose rooms.

Freestanding organizers come in various designs, from simple racks to elaborate stands with multiple compartments. Here are some benefits and considerations:

  • Portability: Easily move the organizer to where you need it.
  • Versatility: Use it for storing other fitness equipment.
  • Space-saving: Designs often include vertical storage to save floor space.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Available in a range of styles to match your decor.

When selecting a freestanding yoga mat organizer, consider the following:

  1. Material: Wood, metal, or plastic options are available.
  2. Capacity: How many mats and accessories it can hold.
  3. Size: Ensure it fits in your desired space.
  4. Stability: Check for a sturdy design to prevent tipping.
A freestanding yoga mat organizer not only keeps your mats rolled and ready but also adds a touch of organization to your fitness area.

Remember to measure your space and consider the number of mats you need to store before making a purchase. This will help you find the perfect balance between functionality and style for your yoga practice.

4. Yoga Mat Storage Basket

For a more rustic or bohemian touch to your yoga space, consider using a yoga mat storage basket. Not only does it add a decorative element, but it also keeps your mats rolled up and tidy. Here's how to make the most of this storage solution:

  • Choose a basket that is tall enough to hold your mat without bending it.
  • Opt for baskets with a wider base for stability to prevent tipping over.
  • If you have multiple mats, select a basket with ample space or use multiple baskets to avoid overcrowding.
Ensure that your yoga mat is properly cared for by rolling it up after each use and storing it in a dry place. This will help maintain the mat's hygiene and longevity.

Remember to clean your basket regularly to prevent dust and dirt from transferring to your mat. A storage basket is not only practical but can also be a stylish addition to your home decor.

5. Yoga Mat Hanging Strap

For yogis with limited space or those who prefer a minimalist approach, the Yoga Mat Hanging Strap is an ideal solution. It offers a simple and effective way to store your yoga mat after your practice. This versatile accessory can be easily hung on hooks behind doors, on closet rods, or even on wall-mounted knobs, making your yoga mat both an accessible and decorative piece in your home.

  • Easy to use: Just roll up your yoga mat and secure it with the strap.
  • Space-saving: Takes up minimal space and can be hung almost anywhere.
  • Adjustable: Most straps come with adjustable loops to fit any mat size.
  • Portable: Perfect for yogis on the go; easily transport your mat to class or the park.
The Yoga Mat Hanging Strap not only serves as a storage solution but also ensures that your mat stays rolled up tightly, keeping it clean and extending its life.

When considering a hanging strap, look for one with durable materials and a secure closure to keep your mat snug. Remember, a well-chosen yoga mat holder can enhance your practice by keeping your space organized and your mat in good condition.

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Finding the perfect storage solution for your yoga mat not only helps to keep your space tidy but also protects your mat and makes your practice more enjoyable. From stylish wall-mounted racks to innovative DIY holders, the options we've explored offer a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're looking for a space-saving solution or a way to display your mat as part of your home decor, there's a yoga mat holder out there to meet your needs. Remember, the best yoga mat holder for you is one that complements your lifestyle and inspires you to maintain your practice. Happy storing!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right yoga mat holder for my space?

Consider the size of your space, the number of mats you need to store, and your decor style when choosing a yoga mat holder. Wall-mounted racks are great for saving floor space, while baskets and freestanding organizers can be moved easily.

Can I store multiple yoga mats on these holders?

Yes, many yoga mat holders are designed to store multiple mats. Check the product specifications for the maximum number of mats each holder can accommodate.

Are these storage solutions suitable for all yoga mat sizes?

Most yoga mat holders are designed to fit standard-sized mats, but if you have an extra thick or long mat, look for holders that specify compatibility with larger sizes.

How do I install a wall-mounted yoga mat rack?

Wall-mounted racks typically come with mounting hardware and instructions. You'll need a drill, a level, and possibly wall anchors, depending on your wall type. It's important to secure the rack to studs or use appropriate anchors for drywall.

What materials are yoga mat holders typically made from?

Yoga mat holders can be made from various materials, including metal, wood, bamboo, and fabric. Choose a material that complements your space and is durable enough to hold the weight of your mats.

Are there any portable options for storing yoga mats?

Yes, yoga mat straps and bags are great portable options. They allow you to carry and store your mat with ease, making them ideal for yogis on the go.

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